09 September 2013

Keeping Up With The Joneses In Gallatin County

Some of my ancestors lived in the Gallatin County, Illinois, area, in the 1830's, and may have known the appellants and appellees in the lawsuit.  Ida Bram(b)let was the wife of my first great grand uncle, who may have been related to Betsey and Nancy Bramblet, the appellees.

In question is the S.E. qr. of Sec. 14, T. 8, S. R. 6 East

"George Wright testified that the testator, John Brown, died in March, 1830, and that in the fall of the same year, his wife, Mrs. Sarah Brown, removed to Kentucky, leaving the children (the Bramblets) in the care of their grandmother, Mrs. Nancy Brown."

Mrs. Sarah Brown never wanted the children, Betsey Bramblet and Nancy Bramblet, bound to her (per the terms of the will of her late husband, John Brown), but was not against the children getting the land.

Taken from an index of the 1830 Gallatin County, Illinois:

 268  487  Brown         Coleman      pg0264.txt
269  523  Brown         John T.      pg0264.txt
 268  488  Brown         Johnathan    pg0264.txt
251  42   Brown         Sarah        pg0250.txt

Was Betsey Bramblet the woman who married Elijah Baker?  Or did she marry Andrew H. Benson?  Or.....?

Courthouse At Vandalia, Illinois [Vandalia was once the State Capital]

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