03 September 2013

J. C. Bridger, Guardian Of Burrows Children

Arkansas, Probate Records, 1817-1979, Craighead Probate records, 1909-1927 vol D-E, are online at FamilySearch.

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This Bridger entry mentioned J. C. Bridger, guardian of Tracy [Lucy?] and Ula Burrow(s), made 12 April 1909. Bridger and the Burrows mentioned again.

The October 1909 term of court recorded that Bridger, as guardian of the Burrows children, wanted to sell a sewing machine for $3.50 on their behalf.

Bridger's first annual settlement for Burroughs [note different spelling] children.

United States Census, 1910
Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Lee Colter M 25 Arkansas
Wife Flora E Colter F 23 Arkansas
Daughter Bulah C Colter F 2 Arkansas
Son Marion D Colter M 0 Arkansas
Cousin Eulah Burrow F 10 Arkansas

United States Census, 1900

Jonesboro Township, Craighead, Arkansas, United States
  Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head George Burraw Arkansas
Wife Zilpha Burrow F 24 Arkansas
Daughter Lucy Burrow F 2 Arkansas
Daughter Eula B Burrow F 1 Arkansas

The Burrow(s) family was living near the Bridger family when the 1900 census was taken.

Eula Burrows married John Jennings in 1917.

I have a slight interest in the Bridger family because Nancy Bridger married one of my collateral ancestors (Isaac Garrett).

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