28 September 2013

Estate Of James (Jacques) Thierry

Michigan, Probate Records, 1797-1973,Wayne Probate packet# 7742:


A letter dated Aug. 25, 1890, from James Thierry, representing the "heirs of John Jacques Thierry, deceased about 12 years ago," asking the probate judge to summon Louis Thierry, the administrator of the estate of said Jean Jacques Thierry, to appear...and settle the affairs of said estate...".

Louis Thierry mentioned in the probate file of James Thierry, dec'd

August Thierry should be removed as administrator.

James (Jacques) Thierry was my grandkids' ancestor.


Anonymous said...

I am a descendent of Jean-Jacques Thierry. His son Jacques (James) was my great-great grandfather. His son Albert was my great-grandfather. Albert's daughter Laura was my grandmother. Laura's son John Muldowney was my father. Thanks for posting these letters! It is so interesting to read them. Maureen Muldowney Whittaker, Dearborn, MI

PalmsRV said...


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and posting a comment. If I have the generations listed correctly, you are my son-in-law's 4th cousin 1x removed! Also, thanks for sharing your lineage. For some reason I didn't have your line.