15 August 2013

Gabriel Moore's Probate File


Estate of Gabriel Moore*, Harrison Co., Texas.  Sign up (and in) to FamilySearch in order for the images to be seen.


*A Governor of Alabama.  Biography here.  Gabriel Moore, though born in North Carolina, was a resident of Madison County, Alabama, for years.  The estate file has a date, 20 April 1844 (sic - he died in August, 1844, per the first page of estate file), listing Gabriel Moore as deceased, in the Republic of Texas.  P. Swanson (Gabriel Moore was buried on the plantation of Peter Swanson) mentioned here in the estate papers.

Ten Slaves named.

Matthew R. Moore (of Stokes County, North Carolina), executor of Gabriel Moore's LW&T (and his brother), a non-resident of Harrison Co., Texas, should resign as such, per Dickinson C. Moore.

A newspaper article about finding the grave of Gabriel Moore.

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