13 July 2013

Lt. Howard At The Detroit Arsenal

Found in the Canadian records, cataloged in the British Military and Naval Records (RG 8, C Series):

C.674 = Microfilm C-3171; Page 190 [on index card]

Lt. [Joshua] Howard is the very last entry on the Distribution of the Army of the United States, showing the strength of Posts and Garrisons (P. 190)

More about Joshua Howard from ArchiveGrid:

"Born In Eaton, Mass., April, 1793; was active in War of 1812; became 2nd lieutenant, 9th U.S.Infantry, 1813; built arsenal at Detroit, 1818; on duty at Troy, N.Y. And other arsenals, 1819-33; returned to Detroit, 1830; built arsenal at Dearborn, 1834; resigned, 1835...".

Joshua is NOT one of my Howards.

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