05 July 2013

John S. Patillo Timeline

From the book Patillo, Pattillo, Pattullo and Pittillo Families Compiled By Melba C. Crosse:
JOHN S. PATTILLO d. 1832 [sic], Tex., and was buried on the Trinity River in that state. He was enumerated on the 1830 census of Gallatin Co., Ill.  According to family legend, John S. Pattillo came to America from France ca 1801. He went to what is now the State of Texas and received a Spanish land grant of 320 acs. on the Trinity River. Two surveys, by virtue of this grant, show that 128 acs. fell in what is now Coleman Co. and 192 acs. in Trinity Co. There is a record in Groveton, Trinity Co., Tex., which shows that the heirs of John S. Pattillo transferred 192 acs. of land in this county on Alabama Creek, about 9 1/2 miles N 2.5 degrees E from Sumter "being part of the land they are entitled to by virtue of Cert. 424 issued by the Board of Land Commissioners of Rusk Co., Tex." Dated 19 May 1851. Done at Austin Sept. 1872; filed Mar. 1895. (Vol. "O", p. 592) Bernice Pattillo, a descendant of John S., has in her possession papers which were sent to her father by Jas. B. Goff & Son, a firm of Lawyers in Austin, Tex., re the estate settlement of John S. in Tex. 
 John S. Pattillo and Mrs. Mary Sullenger had issue (including):

1. Milton G. Pattillo b. ca 1826 [He filed land lawsuit]
3. Felix Grundy Pattillo, b. 18 May 1819; d. 1855 [My ancestor]

ca 1791-
John S. Patillo Born in Scotland To James & Mary (Samuel) Patillo [I have no independent evidence that these individuals were John's parents]

11 November 1793 
John S. Patillo's sister, Allison Patillo, christened at St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Came over from France? [per family legend as stated above from Patillo book]

June 1815 

John S. Pettillo was appointed constable of Big Creek Twp

10 October 1815   
Date Mentioned in Court Case

Pope County 1816 Personal Property Tax List
            Name      Horses    Stud Horses    General Area Residence
Pitillo, John S.    1         0                 Living at Capt. Steel's

4 April 1816
Married to Mary "Polly" Trousdale
 Pope Co., IL. Mrg.Bk.A, p.2: John S. Pattillo married Polley Sullenger on 14 Apr 1816; md. by Samuel Omelvany,
Martha, daughter of John S. and Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Patillo born

18 May 1819
Felix Grundy, son of John S. and Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Patillo born

                   County:White CountyRecord Type:State or Colonial Census
                   Township:Mantua TownshipPage:194
                   Database:IL 1820 State Census Index

William, son of John S. and Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Patillo born
7 January 1825
Lemuel, son of John S. and Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Patillo born

Feb 1826
Milton G., son of John S. and Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Patillo born

John S. Patillo on the Census in Gallatin Co., Illinois

Sept 1830 
Elizabeth D., daughter of John S. and Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Patillo born

2 April 1833 
Gallatin Co., Illinois
 Purchaser:      PATILLO JOHN S            Record ID:      369778
  Date:           04/22/1833
  Acres:          40
  Price:          $0.50
  Type of sale:   Mineral      (SL)
  County:         30
  Section:        36                        Section Part:   SESW
  Township:       08S                       Range:          08E
  Meridian:       3                         Purchaser Res:
  Arch. Vol. No:  813                       Vol. Page No.:  033
  Cash warrant code:                        Record corrected: 0

5 October 1839 
John S. Patillo died in Jefferson County, Texas

Events Concerning John S. Patillo's Estate After His 1839 Death

Probate records index at Harrison County, Texas

2 January 1850 
Edwin Carter appointed administrator of John S. Patillo's estate

28 May 1851 
Appraisers Appointed for John S. Patillo's estate

June 1851
June 1851 Term of Probate Court Administrator Filed A Petition Stating That No Property Had Come Into His Possession, Or Knowledge belonging to Said Estate, Except An Unconditional Certificate for 320 Acres of land.....

August 1851 
August 1851 Term of Probate Court Edwin Carter, the Administrator, made a Return showing that he had sold the Unconditional Headright Certificate Granted to the Heirs of Said Decedent John S. Patillo by the County court of Rusk at the May 1851 Term of Court, third class and numbered #432 for 320 acres

April 1852 
Term of Court  - The Administration of the Estate was Closed

17 September 1872 
The plaintiffs in the court below introduced in evidence a certified copy of a title from the state of Texas to the heirs of John S. Patillo, deceased,--patent No. 493, vol. 44, located by virtue of U. B. certificate No. 18/77, issued by the general land office Sep-..... .

District: Houston  /    County: Trinity
  Grantee: John S. Patillo (dec'd)
  Certificate: 424
  Patentee: Hrs. of John S. Patillo
  Patent Date: 14 Sep 1872
  Patent #: 157
  Patent Volume: 40
  Acres: 192
  Class:   Hou. 3rd.
  File: 1205

 3 October 1878  
District: Travis
  County: Coleman
  Grantee: Hrs. of John S. Pattillo
  Certificate: 18/77
  Patentee: Hrs. of Jno. S. Pattillo
  Patent Date: 03 Oct 1878
  Patent #: 493
  Patent Volume: 44
  Survey/Blk/Tsp: 12
  Acres: 128
  Class:   Travis 3rd.
  File: 872

8 July 1890 
In the court below, Milton G. Patlllo et al., as the heirs of John S. Patillo, deceased, on the 8th day of July, 1890, brought this suit In the ordinary form of trespass to try title against the defendants Mrs. R. H. Baird and her husband, R. H. Baird, for the J. S. Patillo survey of 128 acres of land, situated In Coleman county.

17 January 1894 
Court of Civil Appeals in Texas Regarding the Patillo HEIRS lawsuit Re: Land

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