16 July 2013

Estate Of Colonel John Anderson

This West Pointer, a War of 1812 veteran, lived and died in Detroit.  John and Julia Anderson's child, John, died at the age of three (in 1832?).  After his death, Probate File #624, was established and can be found at FamilySearch's Michigan, Probate Records.

Wayne Co., MI, Probate File #624
...John Anderson, late of the United States Topographical Engineers, deceased....

Territory of Michigan, County of Wayne....

Lucius Abbott and Charlotte Taylor, sureties...

For medical services rendered.

A portion of the accounts paid.

Payment to the Captain of the White Pigeon schooner.

Cost of blankets for surveying party and transportation from Fort Gratiot to Detroit.

A Backus mentioned.

Ezra Rood took over as Administrator of John Anderson's estate in lieu of the widow, Julia Ann Anderson.  Ezra Rood, "petitioner in right of his wife, the daughter of one of the brothers of the said intestate...".

Money was left for St. Paul's Church.

Sale of the Monroe County, Michigan, property.  Postponement of sales here.  Mentioned that property "line of said land belonging to the estate of Jacques Losselle...

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