25 July 2013

Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds' Children

Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds' children (heirs of William Hinds listed on the military pensions) were Nancy, Samuel, Kesiah, Sarah & James Hinds.  Nancy is my presumed ancestress.

It is thought that Nancy was the same person later known as Ann (Hinds) Rice.  The 1860 Census (Saline Co., Illinois) provided a clue that there might be a relationship between the Rices, Acklins and Hinds.  Living with Ann (Hinds) Rice's daughter in Saline County, IL in 1860, was Ann's brother, Samuel Acklin Hinds.

Despite on location research at Tulane University, Washington County, Virginia, Register of Deeds, Madison County, Alabama, Franklin County, Tennessee, and elsewhere very little* corroborating evidence has been found proving that Ann and Nancy were, in fact, the same person.

Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds' Washington Co., Virginia, Grantor's Deed made in July of 1825 listed her residence as Franklin County, Tennessee (where her presumed daughter, Ann Rice, was living).

One piece of anecdotal evidence from the late (great) researcher Connie Butterfield was found on a scrap of paper in a book handed down through the Rice family indicated that "Kit (Christopher) Acklin was our grandfather."   [Note: Connie also believed that Elizabeth Hinds was an Acklin]

Evidence*from my War of 1812 blog:

William Hinds' Military Pension 

[Source: The Pension Roll of 1835,Volume III,Page #672] 

William Hinds, Private, 2nd Reg. Artillery 

Washington Co. (VA) 

Heirs: Nancy, Samuel, Kesiah, Sarah & James Hinds 
DIED: JUNE 25, 1813 

We know that William was "our" William Hinds because the names of his heirs (children) were identical to the children for whom Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds was appointed guardian (Elizabeth's father or brother), Christopher Acklin, was a surety for the guardianship).

Administrator's Bond - Acklin, Hinds & Hunt

William Acklin, James V.A. Hinds and David Hunt were bonded and William Acklin was appointed Administrator for his son's, Theodore Acklin's, estate in (Huntsville) Madison Co., Alabama.

Much of my Acklin research is done in an effort to bolster the evidence that Nancy Hinds, daughter of William Hinds and Elizabeth Acklin, is, in fact, Mrs. Ann Rice.

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