10 July 2013

A Patillo In James Sullenger's Pension File

A.T. Sullinger in his B.L. [58985-120-55] states his father James Sullinger died* while he was an infant; that his mother married a man by the name of Patillo, and he (A.T. Sullinger) served as Alex. Patillo in Blk Hk War--


McLeansboro, Ill.
April 13, 1884

As promised, I promised I will give you all the information I can obtain in regard to my father's service in the American Revolution.  His name was James Sullenger, his Captain's name was Peter O'Neal and from the best information I can get his Cols name Galiphy, his home was in Orange County...North Carolina.  I know that he drew a pension for several years before he died he was born Dec. 31, 1760, and [died] *July 10, 1846. ..... [a letter from A. T. Sullenger in support of Sarah Bailey Sullenger's widow's application for a pension]

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