18 June 2013

Major Howard Was Killed At Waterloo

While searching through the Howards for my Widow Howard on a microfilmed record of British military pension applications for widows, I found the application of Frances (Lambton) Howard (though I did not find my Mrs. Howard).  Turns out, her late husband was somewhat famous.

From the Microfilm:

[Now a] Widow married to the Honorable Frederick Howard, a Major in the 10th or Prince of Wales Royal Regiment....killed at Waterloo... [18 June 1815]
Frances Lambton, spinster, married Frederick Howard, bachelor 6 August 1811

From The Peerage website:
Frances Susan Lambton was the daughter of William Henry Lambton and Lady Anne Barbara Frances Villiers. She married, firstly, Major Hon.Frederick Howard, son of Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle and Lady Margaret Caroline Leveson-Gower, on 6 August 1811.

Frederick Howard was a cousin of the poet, Byron, who referred to Major Howard as "young, gallant Howard," in Childe Harold (see below):


Major Howard's remains were recovered from his temporary interment on the battlefield.

A recent mention of Frederick Howard:
"Not every centenary works out quite as expected — the Howards’ medieval tournament at Arundel to celebrate the 600th anniversary of Magna Carta had to be abandoned midway when Major Frederick Howard was killed in a cavalry charge at Waterloo...". 

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