03 June 2013

A Backus Connection To Marietta, Ohio

The Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly
October 1935, Volume XLIV, No. 4

There is much more, but the article started with this:
"In the early eighteenth century, Samuel Backus was a 'quiet, enterprising farmer' of Norwich, Connecticut.  He had eleven children who grew to maturity, and as further evidence of his enterprise it is known that he operated a grist mill and an iron works in addition to his farm.  His fifth child was Elijah, born in 1726, and it is this Elijah whose name appears on the earliest papers of the Woodbridge-Gallaher Collection."

The Woodbridge-Gallaher Collection by Harlow Lindley.  Society acquired manuscripts, including the Woodbridge-Blennerhassett collection of approximately 600 items.

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