10 May 2013

Stonewall Jackson In The Archives

Examples from the Thomas J. Jackson Collection at the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library:

A "Jackson Collection" document written before Thomas J. Jackson became the famous Stonewall Jackson:

T. J. Jackson to Gen. Gideon Pillow, November 11, 1847; autograph catalogue. Written in Mexico, this is a detailed note in which young Jackson respectfully disagrees with Pillow’s distribution of men, and asks for various reassignments.

Then during the Civil War era:

T. J. Jackson to Col. Thomas Jordan, August 16, 1861; l.s.  Letter regarding the flag of the 1st Michigan Regiment, captured at First Manassas by the 27th Virginia of Jackson’s brigade. Signed by Jackson.

See the link to the Thomas J. Jackson Collection for many more entries.

In addition, the Virginia Military Institute also has a link to Stonewall Jackson resources.

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