14 April 2013

Lewis Johnson Probate In Lapeer County, Michigan

The Michigan, Probate Records, Lapeer Estate files has Image 818 in File #1519 online at FamilySearch.

Heirs of the Lewis Johnson estate:

Eliza Johnson, widow, 72 years, Deerfield, Lapeer Co, Mich
Walter "  , child, 40                        "               "
Caroline Tozer, ", 40,                     "               "
Elizabeth Tebow ", 38, " "
Heirs of Mariah Sterling  a child Deceased residing in Deerfield (being 4 minor heirs) &
Mahala Kennedy  child  34  Resd Deerfield  LC

Will made and filed April 14, 1885 (page of will) and John Tozer mentioned (executor along with Walter Johnson) as was Alexander Tebow

Inventory and Final Account Of Executors And Administrators

The Lewis Johnson estate was found because the Charles A. More estate (#1518) and Images  739 - 817 preceded it.  [Eliza Walker's estate, #1517, ended with Image 738 and preceded the More estate file]
Not related; no further information.

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