10 April 2013

A Great-Uncle In Pursuit Of Booth

Abram Snay, brother of my 3rd great-grandmother, Mary Jane (Snay) Swinyer, was a member of the cavalry who captured John Wilkes Booth.

"Colonel Baker sent to General Hancock for twenty-five mounted men to aid him in the pursuit. These were sent under Lieutenant Dougherty, and Baker placed them under the control of Lieutenant-Colonel Conger, and of his cousin, Lieutenant L. B. Baker, and dispatched them to Belle Plain, with orders to scour the country about Port Royal."

Source Of Plan Of Garrett's House

"After eleven days had transpired since the death of the President, his murderer, John Wilkes Booth, was discovered in a barn on Garrett's farm near Port Royal on the Rappahannock. Immediately after the murder Colonel Baker of the detective service set out to find Booth's hiding place."[Source: Page 446]

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