06 April 2013

1840's Tavern Stops While Traveling To Michigan

I've addressed the broader subject of taverns and tavern owners, subjects that interest me mostly because of Christopher Acklin and his tavern.  Taverns play an important role in the story found in Michigan History about a man who traveled "west" to Michigan and stayed at various taverns in Ohio and elsewhere.

Jim's Photo Of A Tavern

Experiences from the journey in the 1840's from the Michigan History publication:

November 2, 1846... We stayed all night the first night at Abraham Fredericks at the foot of the Pennsylvania narrows. We had good usage and our bill was two dollars.

......at the tavern they starved both us and our horses....best tavern is the Exchange kept by Wm. Hostteter. 

Perrysville has plenty of 'firewater.'

...to Peter Marshes at Kenton,--He's a fine man with a 160 acre farm twelve miles from Kenton which is on the new railroad and its best tavern the American.

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