26 March 2013

Dear Diary: Visiting The Acklins Of Huntsville

In her diary, 23 year old Priscilla Larkin, of Huntsville, Alabama, mentioned little Lula Goodman as well as Corrina and others.  In my family tree, there is a Corrine (Acklin) Goodman of Huntsville [we have common Acklin ancestors].  Miss Priscilla referred to Corrine's father, William Hunt Acklin, as "Cousin William."

John Hunt (and family), for whom Huntsville is named, and the Acklin and Larkin families immigrated together from Tennessee to Alabama.  "Cousin William" was the grandson of John Hunt through is mother, Elizabeth Hunt, who married Samuel Black Acklin.

From Miss Priscilla Larkin: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Belle written in 1862:

"I ought by all means to have made some calls this lovely day, but actually my cold is too desperate to feel pleasant-- therefore couldn't act very pleasant, Went around to Cousin Williams this evening, Corrina & husband were not at home, though little Lula Goodman, was sweetly sleeping, I didn't wake her, so I could see her, but thought I would call again, Judging from personal appearances I hardly think, Cousin Lu, will survive much longer, poor woman, I have a horror of Consumption... ."

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