05 January 2013

The King's Rangers' Colonel Brown

Colonel Thomas Brown's reply to David Ramsay's History of the Revolution of South Carolina, was found online.  Colonel Brown's letter was characterized as "the specious manner in which Colonel Browne attempted to justify himself for his cruelties."

One excerpt:

"The frontier of East Florida being exposed to the excursions of the Georgia Militia, a party of Newport or Medway [Midway] entered the province, plundered and destroyed every home and plantation on St. Mary's River, and carried off the inhabitants prisoners, without distinction of age or sex." 

Present Day Visitor's Center In St. Mary's, Georgia 

I did not see anything about Colonel Brown's son-in-law, Donald Cameron (who may have a place in my family tree -- something that is offered as speculation.  It would be nice to either prove or disprove.  If Cameron is part of the tree it would be through the son of his first wife, not Elizabeth Browne, Colonel Brown's daughter).

See the article for discussion of Brown's "cruelties."

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