18 January 2013

Peter Ant Inherited Property From Clemens Estate

Heir of John A. J. Clemens Estate
Detroit, Wayne, Mich.
Warren twp, Macomb, Mich.

Image 434, Image 433, Image 431, Image 430, Image 429, Image 428, Image 427, Image 424, Image 420,  Image 419, Image 418, Image 414, Image 412, Image 411 [Peter Ant], Image 410, Image 398, Image 394 [to Sibilla Ant, for keeping house for the deceased], Image 386, Image 378 [Peter Ant], Image 377 [Peter Ant, surveying, etc.], Image 372 [Sabila Ant], Image 371 [receipt of Sabilla Ant], Image 364, Image 362 [church]*, Image 349 [property for church], Image 347, Image 344 [Peter Ant and Sabila Ant], Image 340, Image 339, Image 338, Image 336, Image 329 [property], Image 321 [Peter Ant], Image 311 [property], Image 306 [will, witness], Image 298 [Sabila Ant], Image 297 [Sabila Ant], Image 292 [Last Will & Testament - Peter Ant, heir], Image 285 [+ pages in German], Image 280 [Envoy, etc], Image 277 [German], Image 275 [bequeathed to charities], Image 273 [charities], Image 269 [POA], Image 266 [LW&T - Peter Ant], Image 261 [German heirs, etc.], Image 258 [cover], Image 257 [handwritten cover]

United States Census, 1850
event place: Warren, Macomb, Michigan, United States
  Household  Gender  Age  Birthplace
Joseph Kremen M 34  Germany
Peter Kremer M 0  Michigan

This Peter Ant who is my grandkids' ancestor?

Name: Petrus Ant
Baptism/Christening Date: 11 Feb 1823
Father's Name: Josephi Ant
Mother's Name: Sibillae Becker

An item dated in January 1857:  "received of John Reno, Executor of the Estate of John Antoine Joseph Clemmence the summe of five hundred dollars bein the summe set out in his last Will and Testament for the church called St. Clemence [Clement] church in Warren Township County of Macomb State of Michigan said church being a Roman Catholique church on the road so called the Center line church."

Buried in the St. Clement Parish Cemetery in Center Line, Macomb County, Michigan, are Sibilla Becker, buried November 28, 1856, age 76 and Barabara  Ant (Furman), wife of Peter Ant.

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