12 January 2013

Industry At Gunpowder Falls, Maryland

Source - Bridge Over Gunpowder Creek Destroyed In Civil War

Whittaker's Furnace.--...near the Gunpowder was built in 1810 and was used as a shovel factory. ...abandoned before the Civil War.  It was located on the west bank of the Gunpowder Falls, just below Franklinville, and to the north of the bridge which crosses the Falls at that point.

Gunpowder Furnace.--The south side of the Gunpowder Falls, about one hundred yards above the Philadelphia road, was for over a century the site of iron enterprises.  In 1760 the Long Cam forge at this site was owned by members of the Ridgely family.  The date of erection of this forge is unknown, but it is believed to have belonged at first to persons in England. [Source]

DNR map of Gunpowder Falls State Park (the site has more maps linked).

Note: Found as part of my research of my Greer ancestors who lived in the Gunpowder Falls area.

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