27 January 2013

Gaskill Papers (Part Four)

I went to the Bentley Historical Library at the University of Michigan and searched through the Silas Gaskill papers. Silas Gaskill was a lawyer in Lapeer County whose papers are housed there.   Some of my [bad handwritten] notes from the Gaskill book:

Nov 7th 1860
William Powers [Not Mine; Not In Michigan Until 1880]
Peter Malliney? 
J. W. Manvill? [perhaps Mandeville]
To ___? in Cir. Court.
in attachment $30.00

1867 Pg 32
To trying Suit Vs Laidler 6.00

Silas B. Gaskill Papers
Apr  Edwin Harris
Settled by cash....pd

1867 pg 42
Franklin S. Miller  pd
1867 Nov 15
Charles More
Retain....?  10.00
Nov 26  Franklin S. Miller.....25.00

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