21 January 2013

Cantonment Wilkinsonville

The Cantonment was named for General James Wilkinson, an American general with a checkered past.  Hint:  "...while the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United States of America, [he] was simultaneously "Agent No. 13" in the pay of Spain."

Nearby Cairo, Illinois, At the Confluence Of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers

The Waymarking site included an historical sign as well as precise coordinates placing the cantonment on the map.

The Southernmost Illinois History website had an article about Cantonment Wilkinsonville located in Pulaski County, Illinois.  The article pointed out that "this was a good place for military troops to watch the river," and "at its peak, Cantonment Wilkinson was the largest military base in the country containing approximately 1,500 Infantry, Artillery, and Dragoon (i.e., cavalry) soldiers."

More from the author of the article, including a map.

The Cairo Public Library's site has an article about Lt. Col. David Strong, a commander at Cantonment Wilkinsonville.

Contonment Wilkinsonville as part of present day Lewis And Clark Road Trips?!  An article entitled "Cantonment Wilkinsonville, A 200 Year Old Secret Military Base in Southern Illinois Is Revealed: Lewis and Clark Expedition Members Were Posted There" included it.

MSNBC's website hosted an article including the archaeologists who were exploring Cantonment Wilkinsonville.

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