15 December 2012

Homer Ferguson's Revenge?

The story of Homer Ferguson's troubles in Roscommon County, Michigan (Daily Telegram published September 6, 1902), caused me to wonder if I'd stumbled upon a possible ulterior motive for the Homer Ferguson grand jury indictment in Detroit several years later of Roscommon native Duncan McCrea (my Cameron grandmother's cousin).  Did any of Duncan's friends or family members set-up Homer for political gain?  (At the very least they probably knew of each other -- Duncan lived in Roscommon County in 1900 and 1910.)

Here's the 1902 story:
Sheriff Johnson of Roscommon wired the authorities here [Lapeer] yesterday afternoon to arrest Attorney Homer L. Ferguson, who is wanted on a warrant issued on complaint of Hattie Clark (she also accused him of embezzlement).
He also to the officer he was a candidate for prosecuting attorney and that his opponent was trying to put up a job on him.  The prisoner formerly lived in Almont township.  He...was located in Cheboygan before going to Roscommon.  His people are among the most wealthy in Lapeer county and are highly respected.  Ferguson is thirty years old.

The Homer L. Ferguson who was arrested in 1902 was born in Michigan in March of 1869 according to the 1900 Census.  At that time he was listed as an attorney and a widower living in Cheboygan, Michigan.  In 1935 Homer L. Ferguson was a college educated taxidermist in Homosassa, Citrus County, Florida and living with his wife Edna.  Homer Lawrence Ferguson died in Citrus County, FL, in 1953/4.

It was a different Homer Ferguson who became the nemesis of Duncan C. McCrea.  That Homer Ferguson, a judge living in Detroit in 1940, was born in Pennsylvania in 1889.  He died in 1982.


Darn. A perfectly good conspiracy theory spoiled by inconvertible facts!  The prosecution of Duncan McCrea had no connection to the 1902 troubles of Homer L. Ferguson in Roscommon County.

A blog post about Detroit Mayor Richard Reading who, along with Duncan McCrea, was ensnared by Homer Ferguson's probe.

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