12 December 2012

Gallagher Estate In St. Clair County, Michigan

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The Guardianship records of the minor heirs of WILLIAM GALLAGHER, Deceased, was listed in a record book housed at the Archives of Michigan, St. Clair County, Record of Proceedings 1835-1838:

Records of Guardianship of the Minor Heirs of William Gallagher, deceased, of the Twp. of China   Township of Clay  --  Hannah Gallagher, Widow
Guardian for John L. Gallagher and David Gallagher, minors under 14 and sons of the late William Gallagher

 Hannah Gallagher, Joel Tucker and James B. Woolverton of the County of St. Clair....State of Michigan...

(Page 76) Hannah Gallagher, guardian of William Gallagher, a minor and son of William Gallagher, late.....above 14 years old and John L. Gallagher and David Gallagher, sons.....interested in real estate of said William Gallagher, deceased, and that they are joint heirs together with Mary M. Gallagher of the said estate of William Gallagher, and that Hannah, Mary M., William, John L. and David are the only legal heirs.....piece of land situate Twp. of China, St. Clair County, SW 1/4 of Section 14 in Twp 4 North of Range 16 East lying on the north side of Belle River also the land on the south side of Belle River including the saw mill - extending up stream.... .
7 March 1837

The Gallaghers were related to Sam Ward, who was related to Eber Ward.  Hannah (Lammerson) Gallagher's sister, Elizabeth, married Sam Ward.

...his [Sam Ward's] older brother Eber Ward, father of the well known Eber B. Ward, James B Wolverton, first sheriff of the county, William Gallagher--both of these were nephews of Samuel Ward's wife--and Bela Knapp.  In 1823 he [Sam Ward] built in company with William Gallagher a saw mill and grist mill on land in section 15 of what is now China township which they bought from the government. [Source]

Sam Ward's adopted daughter, Jane, married David Gallagher, who was the minor child of the aforementioned estate.

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