27 December 2012

Adam Wirth's Probate

Adam Wirth's probate file, #7016, was filed in Wayne County, Michigan.  A few years ago I viewed this file at the Archives of Michigan and took the notes below.  On my "to do" list was another look at this file.  Now it's online at FamilySearch!  Luckily, the Archives had a surname index, so I knew which file to access at FamilySearch.

Petition of Anna M. Wirth for Appointment of Administration [of the estate], August 13, 1873, with her signature:

The Executor's Bond signed by Peter Henkel and Anna Maria Wirth.

Adam Wirth's Last Will and Testament with his signature:

And that of his witnesses to his will:

Per the Register of Probate, the Will was filed in Liber 85, Page 24.

Newspaper notice and where it was posted.

The Report of Commissioners and also here.

Appraisers' Warrant here.

Inventory, including Lot Number 200, on the South West corner of Riopell Street and Gratiot Avenue, on the Mullet farm, with two story brick building.

Final Report (and here and here).

Adam Wirth's Obituary.  His immigration information here and his passport application here.

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