17 November 2012

Cleveland Descendant General Blake

General John Blake was a descendant of Moses Cleveland, as am I*.  Blake's mother was Anna Richardson, his grandmother was Sarah Cleveland, his great-grandfather was Aaron Cleveland and his great-great grandfather was Moses Cleveland. *10 generation chart through my grandfather, Ralph Newman Powers

Maj.-Gen. John Blake spent his youth on his father's farm, where his chance for education was limited. He was plowing in the field Apr. 19, 1775, when the signal of alarm called him to arms, just after noon, at Wrentham, and he ent. service as Serg. in Capt. Oliver Pond's co**., minute-men, 13th Cont. Inf., Col. Joseph Reed. That night they rendezvoused at Roxbury.  Source: The Genealogy Of The Cleveland and Cleaveland Families... .

**Captain Oliver Pond’s Hessian Fusilier cap tells how Captain Pond, a minuteman at Lexington, later became a general in the Massachusetts militia, headed a company in Shays’ Rebellion, and was the progenitor of a large group of Massachusetts citizens living today. From NEHGS's American Ancestors.

Major General Blake also had a role in the War of 1812.

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