21 November 2012

Church of England In Grimsby

From History of St. Andrew's Church, Grimsby, Ontario:

"To the United Empire Loyalists we owe the first settlements of Grimsby. These were New England colonists who were true to the British flag during the American Revolution of 1775 and who, after the peace of Paris in 1783, not only found themselves persecuted by their neighbors, but also robbed of their property by the American government on account of their loyalty to Great Britain."

"The Church of England at Grimsby, having been in three different Dioceses, ranks among the oldest in Ontario, being preceded by the old Mowhak church on the Grand River which was built in 1786; by the Indian Church at Deseronto (1788); and by S.George's, Kingston, now the Cathedral, which was completed in 1792."

"The pioneer worker in the establishment of the Church of England at Grimsby was Andrew Pettit." "His [Mr. Pettit] dearest privileges were to be a member of the Church of England, and a subject of the British Crown."

The Index To Bill Martin's Early Ontario Records Site mentions St. Andrews and Grimsby.

My ancestor, William Howard, purchased land in Grimsby ca 1829.

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