29 October 2012

Court At Black's Fort

Annals of Southwest Virginia mentioned that the first court session at Washington County, Virginia, was at Black's Fort in Abingdon.

The site where Black's Fort was eventually built was notable even earlier because of a 1761 incident involving Nathaniel Gist and Daniel Boone.  They were attacked by a pack of wolves; subsequently the area was known as Wolf Hills.

The county of Washington was established...in the fall of the year 1776, and...Black's Fort was designated as the first place of meeting of the County Court of the new county. The time of the meeting was fixed as January 28, 1777.

But several important inducements decided the contest in favor of Black's Fort; to-wit: ....because Dr. Thomas Walker, Joseph Black and Samuel Briggs agreed to give to the county of Washington one hundred and twenty acres of land... .

Joseph Black and Christian (Black) Acklin were siblings; Christian was my 5th great-grandmother.

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