22 September 2012

What About Thomas Bedford?

The Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University, included a Strangite Collection.  One item was a letter from Clement Strang of Benzonia, Michigan, to Stanley Johnson of Onaway, Michigan, dated September 2, 1938.  A topic of the letter was the behavior of Thomas Bedford, including his part in the assassination of Clement's father, James Jesse Strang (1813-1856).

Clement Strang was born on 20 December 1854.  He moved to Jackson County, Michigan.  In 1858 he was in Eaton County, Michigan, and lived with his mother's brother, Albert Field.  His Uncle Albert's wife, Jane Miller, was Thomas Bedford's sister-in-law.

In a September 18, 1938, letter Clement Strang posed the following question to Stanley Johnson, now an elder:
"What is your reaction to my story about Tom Bedford?  Do you agree with Apostle Hickey that I and my brother Charley should have killed him as soon as we were old enough to hunt him...up and do the job?"

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