19 September 2012

Isaac Wolcott Probate In Bay County, Michigan

Bay County, Michigan, Probate files are online at FamilySearch.  I randomly checked files; the first file found was extensive and belonged to Isaac Wolcott.  His was Probate File #194a,  from Microfilm #946805, Files #194a - 223.

Isaac Wolcott, deceased, heirs-at-law were his father and mother, both dead.
Also named were a brother, Zachariah Jackson, of Hillsdale, Hillsdale County, Michigan; a sister, Mary M. Wood, of Bronson, Branch County, Michigan; Lydia A. Smith family, Bronson, Branch County, Michigan; Juliette Jump, Bronson, Branch County, Michigan; Jane Ann Johnson, Jonesville, Hillsdale County, Michigan; Children of Mrs. Youngs, seven of them, one minor, Port Huron.
Adna A. Smith, attorney for Mary Wood, Juliette Jump and his wife, Lydia A. Smith, P. O. Box Bronson, Branch Co., Michigan.

Some randomly selected pages in the Wolcott file:

Image 32Image 48Image 64Image 75Image 80Image 84Image 90Image 93

One date in the immense file was January 14, 1874.

When Isaac Wolcott's brother, Zachariah Jackson, was remarried in 1894, his parents were listed as Peter Jackson and Phebe Mills.  Zachariah's death record named the parents as Peter Jackson and Charlotte Mills (Charlotte was the name of Zachariah's 1st wife). The parents listed on sister Juliette's death record were Peter Jackson and Phebia Mills.

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