05 September 2012

Do We Match?

There is a Power Et Al DNA site; my brother Dan graciously submitted his DNA so the "Y" (male Powers line) could be tested and included for comparison purposes in hope of finding a match or matches.

What is known about our Powers lineage is in my blog post "Michael Powers - As Far Back As My Powers Line Goes."  

Here are the results of my brother Dan's POWERS DNA test (37 markers).  Dan's results are most closely linked to Mr. Power and his brother, both born in Ireland (and with whom I've had contact), as well as this gentleman (born in England). [See my post, "The Results Are In"].

Speculation about our Powers line is piggybacked on the research of  the Irish Power brothers:
"I think that all Waterford Powers go back to Blackborough, Devon, England, and to one of the six persons by name 'le Poher' who came as part of the Norman Invasion. They were the four brothers - Sir Robert, Sir Roger, Simon and William - and their two cousins, Henry and John. The four brothers were sons of Bartholomew, Lord of Blackborough." [It is believed that their line goes back to William].  More POWERS research here.

Dan's DNA haplogroup and its ramifications are found here.

My brother's Y-DNA test revealed that his predicted Haplogroup is I1(shorthand I-M253). In Britain, haplogroup I1-M253 et al is often used as a marker for "invaders," Viking or Anglo-Saxon.

Are there more cousins out there ready to be matched?  Are there any of my known Power cousins who are as excited about Dan's Y-DNA findings?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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