17 September 2012

Chief Little Turtle

Biography of Little Turtle.

From Jim's Palms-Americana blog:

undefinedThe burial site of Meshekinnoquah, or as his friends called him Chief Little Turtle, who rose to be the Chief of the Miami Nation. He led the Indians in the defeat of Colonel LaBalme in 1780, then defeated General Harmar at the Battle of Kekionga in 1790. In 1791 at Fort Recovery, Ohio he defeated General St. Clair in America's worst defeat by Indians with over 1000 killed. He was stopped with the entire Indian Confederacy at the Battle of Fallen Timbers by General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, he was a signer of the Treaty of Greenville, met with three US Presidents; Washington, Adams and Jefferson and when he died in 1812 he was laid to rest in the Miami burial grounds with full U.S. Military honors.


Anonymous said...

Ah'o. this is my grandfather's great grandfather.

-M. Blackeagle
Miami Wea

PalmsRV said...

What a wonderful heritage you have.