24 September 2012

Adelicia and Her Cotton Picking Tax Problem

The Congressional serial set published a deposition* of Adelicia (Hayes) Franklin Acklin Cheatham about the intricacies of processing her cotton crop during the Civil War and determining taxes on said crop.  The war had been disruptive, but Adelicia managed.

As the Wren's Nest blog succinctly stated:

Adelicia Acklin was the kind of gal who used both Union and Confederate forces to ship her cotton from Louisiana to England without batting an eye.  She talked her way out of jail, had the good sense to keep her money in London until the end of the Civil War, and gave birth to ten children along the way.  

*The Deposition (in part):
Joseph A.S. Acklin, Adelicia's 2nd husband, was my first cousin 5 times removed.  His father, Samuel Black Acklin, and my 4th great-grandmother, Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds, were siblings.

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