17 August 2012

Probate For James Patillo, Jr., In Pope County, IL

Below are some excerpts from the Probate File for James Patillo (Pittullo), Junior, from a book of Pope County, Illinois, Probate Records1816-1835:

File box 74 and Probate book A, pages 53, 54,55,123,124,158 and 159, book B, pages 25,26,30 and 31          Guardian File box 164 and Probate book A, page 128

James Pittullo, Sr. to James Pittullo, Jr. [debt owed to Jr.]. To diverse services & expenses as agent and attorney in fact for him during his absence to Scotland viz. From March 1825 to 1828.

Tax paid for the year 1824...1.55
"  " 1825...........................6.00
Time in renting Pringle and McCool place one day..... .50
Renting the frame house place to Swails.... .25
Cash paid Wheat for schooling.... 2.37 1/2

[Second portion of debts owned by James Pittullo, Sr. to James Pittullo, Jr.]
15 November 1826.....Ballance Wood Lamkin corn rent for frame.....50 bushels
1828.....To Books sold in above period
1828...To Johns work to Cooper
1828....To one year more John worked to Cooper & James, drew his whole wages.
1828...To John worked to Armsbery.

Owed to the estate.
George H. Hanna....1 Set of mathematical instruments on sale at auction.....$3.50

18 November 1830 - William McCurdy appointed guardian of Mary Jane Pittullo and James Pattan Pittullo, heirs, under the age of 21, of James Pittullo, Jr.  Isaac B. Scott was his security in the amount of $50.

James Patillo, Sr., was my ancestor through his son John (through John's son Felix Grundy Patillo, Felix's daughter Nancy; Nancy's daughter Katie; Katie's daughter, Katherine Johnson, was my grandmother).

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