05 August 2012

Looking At Wiley B. Garrett

Photo courtesy of B. Johnson and M. Johnson

Wiley Garrett was the youngest child of Joseph "Cas" Garrett and Mrs. Artilla Garrett and therefore the brother of my ancestor, George Washington Garrett.  Did the brothers resemble one another?  I don't know.  I've never seen a picture of George.  Nor have I seen a photo of my ancestor (George's son) John Joseph (J. J.) Garrett.  There is a picture of J.J. Garrett's son, James Herschel Garrett (my grandfather) here.  Is there a family resemblance?

Note:  Wiley B. Garrett's picture was cropped from a larger one that also included Wiley's wife Mattie, their son Luther and Mattie's father James Cross.

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