13 August 2012

A Mormon Community In Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Historical Society featured a newspaper article entitled, "Voree....".  It told the story of James Jesse Strang, a Latter Day Saint ..... .

My interest started with Lorenzo Dow Hickey, who was the last surviving Strangite apostle.  One of L. D. Hickey's descendants had a collateral relative who married one of my collateral relatives.  In addition, L. D. lived in Lapeer County, Michigan, in 1850; Lapeer is an area where I  research.  Walworth County, Wisconsin, the site of Voree (and also the venue a Strangite-related lawsuit), was also the home of my Richmond ancestors.

James Jesse Strang was in contention to lead the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) after Joseph Smith was killed; that post went to Brigham Young instead.  Strang's followers broke away and formed their own sect.

 From Voree: A Mormon community founded in Spring Prarie over sixty years ago, an article dated January 4, 1906:

"The Herald Building - In which 'The Gospel Herald' was printed for four years, and where Strang was nursed by his four wives until two days before his death.  Arthur Smith, who owned and occupied the house twenty years, is seen standing by the large shade tree in front."

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