11 July 2012

The Winn Ancestral Home Site

From Stagecoach And Tavern Days:

It is pleasant to note how many old taverns in New England, though no longer public hostelries, still are occupied by descendants of the original owners [written in 1900]. Such is the home of Hon. John Winn in Burlington, Massachusetts. It stands on the road to Lowell by way of Woburn, about eleven miles out of Boston.

The present home of the Winns was built in 1734 upon the exact site of the house built in 1640 by the first Edward Winn, the emigrant*.   *My ancestor

The tavern sign bore the coat of arms of the Winns; it was—not to use strict heraldic terms—three spread eagles on a shield.  ...the sign-board and tavern were known as the Three Broiled Chickens.

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