18 July 2012

Not Our Kesiah Hinds

At one time I thought it possible that Kissiah (Hines) Tom was a sister of Ann (Hinds) Rice, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds; however, a better candidate for their daughter surfaced (two doors down from Ann in the 1850 TN census).

Here's information about the other Kissiah:

Kissiah Hines Tom's grave at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, Texas.

Full Name:     Kissiah Hines Tom
Reason for Eligibility:     Wife of William Tom
Birth Date:     October 15, 1805
Died:     July 13, 1862
Buried:     Reinterred July 18, 1937

TOM, KISSIAH HINES (1805-1862) Kissiah Hines Tom was born October 15, 1805. She married William Tom, and they had six children. She died on July 13, 1862 and was originally buried near Seguine, Texas. Her body was moved to the State Cemetery on July 18, 1937.

Early Settlers and Indian Fighters of Southwest Texas:

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