27 July 2012

American Powers Family In Canadian Probate Records

What I was hoping to see was a connection to my Powers family with Canadian roots when looking through the Saskatchewan Probate files at FamilySearch.com.  What I didn't expect to see was a probate file on the Powers family from Illinois (with whom I share Richmond ancestors, not Powers), yet there it was... .

Saskatchewan, Probate Estate Files, 1887-1931 Regina 1919  267

The Petition...with names and addresses of heirs.

[Image #30 in file]

Image 48 has a break down of moneys; Image 53 (of 53 images) has names, addresses, and ages of the heirs.

This family was previously featured on my Richmonds & Connected Lineages blog [John Powers* was #7428 in the Richmond Family book].

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