23 June 2012

David Foerch From Listowel

My great-granduncle's first wife, Lillian Cramer, married David Delton Foerch as her 3rd husband.  What could be found out about David and his parents, Andrew and Susannah (Butler) Foerch?

Groom name: David D. Faerch [Lansing resident]
Groom birth year: 1884
Groom birth place: Ontario
Bride name: Lillian Cramer
Bride birth year: 1883
Bride birth place: Flint, Michigan
Marriage date: 19 Feb 1908
Marriage place: Lansing, Ingham, Michigan
Father of groom name: Andrew Faerch
Mother of groom name: Susanna Butler
Father of bride name: Dennis Cramer
Mother of bride name: Nellie R. Moss

Date: 1908-02-29; Paper: Flint Journal, Page 3
"David Foerch of Lansing, in company with his bride, formerly Miss Lillian M. Cramer, of this city, have returned to Flint after a two weeks' trip through Canada.  Mr. and Mrs. Foerch will make their home at 1501 North Saginaw street." [GenealogyBank.com]

Date: 1911-07-20; Paper: Flint Journal, Page 9
Divorce proceedings - he's a resident of Listowel(l), Ontario, Canada, in July 1911 [ GenealogyBank.com]

In 1920, David Foerch was living with his parents, Andrew and Susan Foerch.  Susan, who was named as Susanna Butler on David's marriage record, was born in Canada.  Was she related to the Butlers of Butler's Rangers?

BTW:  How about those siblings' names:  Colonel Foerch and Admiral Foerch?

United States Census, 1920
name: David Foerch
residence: , Ingham, Michigan
estimated birth year: 1881
birthplace: Canada
relationship to head of household: Son
marital status: Divorced
Household Gender Age Birthplace
self Andrew Foerch M 64y Canada
wife Susan Foerch F 62y Canada
son David Foerch M 39y Canada
son Colonell Foerch M 19y Canada
son Admiral Foerch M 15y Canada

Andrew, Susan and Admiral Dewitt Foerch were still living in Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan, in 1930.

What would a look at Listowel(l) Canada (the residence listed for David Foerch in the Genesee County, Michigan, Chancery notice in the Flint Journal) reveal?

Backtracking, David and his parents were found in the 1891 census taken in Listowel, Perth, Ontario, Canada.

1891 Ontario Census , Listowel, Perth
1   11  9   Foerch    Andrew   33
1   11  12  Foerch   David        8
1   11  11  Foerch   Lilley       11
1   11  14  Foerch   Lolo          3
1   11  13  Foerch   Lottey       5
1   11  15  Foerch   Ruby     11m
1    11  10  Foerch   Susan     30

The Foerch family was still living in Listowel in 1901.

After a Google search, the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog surfaced.  Lorine's Olive Tree blog has been my "go to" site for researching Ontario land records.  Susannah Butler Foerch was a member of Lorine's family tree.

In 1920 David D. Foerch (1883-1954) married Margaret Simmons (1888-1974).  They are buried in the DeWitt [Michigan] City Cemetery.

No Butler's Rangers connection....but then there was the Olive Tree.


Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Great post Cathy! I like how you shared your thought processes and took us on your journey, then gave an answer to your own questions at the end.

And sure appreciate the shout out of my blog :-)

PalmsRV said...

Lorine, it is absolutely true that I depend on your Olive Tree Genealogy Blog when searching for land records. I recently re-read your blog about going to the Land Registry Office. Thanks for your comment and a special thanks for being such a good resource! Cathy @ palmsrv

William Graham said...

I came across your posting a couple of days ago.
David Foerch was a brother of my Great Grandmother, Sarah Icelia Foerch who was born Aug 19 1880. I have included below, information on their parents, grandparents and greatgrandparents. The Foerch family managed to enter both sides of my family tree. Andrew’s daughter Icelia was my mother’s mother’s mother. Andrew’s sister Catherine was my father’s mother’s mother. Below are census records for Andrew Foerch’s family in 1881, 1901 along with marriage, US immigration and burial. Note that the name is misspelled but the names and ages are consistent.
Canada Census 1881:
Province: Ontario District Name: Perth North (172) Sub-District Name: Listowell (H) Division: 1 Page: 38 Microfilm: C-13272 Reference: RG31 - Statistics Canada
Line 9 Family 193 FORDESH Andrew m 22 Ont Luth German sawyer married
Line 10 FORDESH Susannah f 21 Ont Luth German married
Line 11 FORDESH Sarah f 7/12 born Aug 1880 Ont Luth German

FOERICH 1901 census @ca.on.104f1 family 078
@ca.on.perth_county_north. listowel_town division 1 page 7 film T6490 lds1843572
34 FOERICH Andrew m head married 20 Apr 1858 42 Ont urban German Meth furniture mfr.
35 FOERICH {?} Susannah f wife married 24 Jan 1859 41 Ont urban German Meth
36 FOERICH Sarah J. f dtr single 19 Aug 1880 20 Ont urban German Meth
37 FOERICH David D. m son single 17 Sep 1883 17 Ont urban German Meth n/g
38 …Etc.

Marriage: 8919-79 Andrew FOE[R]CH, 21, mechanic, Wellesley twp., Listowel, s/o John & Catherine, married Susan BUTLER, 20, Peel Ont., Listowel, d/o Henry & Susan, witn: Valentine SHENHEIM & Eliza BUTLER, both of Listowel, 26 Sept 1879 at Listowel
Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
Name: Susana Foerch Arrival Date: Jul 1910 Age: 51 Birth Date: abt 1859 Birth Country: Canada
Gender: Female Race/Nationality: English Port of Arrival: Port Huron, Michigan, USA with her children:
Ollie 15 Shirley 14 Marshall 12 Colonel 9 Admiral 6
Living Listowel, came from her sister Angeline Harringer of Mt Forest Canada, heading to Lansing Michigan

Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956
Name: Andrew Foerch Arrival Date: Apr 1910 Age: 51 Birth Date: abt 1859 Birth Country: Canada Gender: Male Race/Nationality: German Port of Arrival: Port Huron, Michigan, USA Lumber dealer. Wife Susan Foerch living Listowel Ontario

Andrew’s father was Johann Foerch was born in Germany in 1817 and married in 1837 :
Name: Johannes Foerch Gender: M Baptism: 16 Feb 1817 EVANGELISCH, SPECHBACH, HEIDELBERG, BADEN Father's Name: Gottlieb Foerch Mother's Name: Katharina Margaretha Flink

Groom's Name: Johannes Foerch Bride's Name: Katharina Bauer Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1837 Marriage Place: Evangelisch, Spechbach, Heidelberg, Baden Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M93482-1 System Origin: Germany-ODM Source Film Number: 1189287 Reference Number: Collection: Germany Marriages, 1558-1929

Birth and census records indicate that the family immigrated to Ontario between 1850 and 1852.
John died on Ontario in 1874
St Johannes Lutheran Cemetery Waterloo County Wellesley Township WA-4537
Row 11 No 4 South Transcription:Hier ruhet Johann Foerch, gest. d. 10 April 1874, alter 57 Jahren u. 1 Mt. [verse]

John’s father was Gottleib Foerch. I have not been able to find Gottleib’s parents. The earliest record I have is his marriage in 1803.
Germany Marriages, 1558-1929
Groom: Gottlieb Foerch Bride: Katharina Margaretha Flinck Marriage Date: 13 Feb 1803 Marriage Place: Evangelisch, Spechbach, Heidelberg, Baden
He died in Ontario in 1857
St Johannes Lutheran Cemetery Waterloo County Wellesley Township WA-4537 Row 11 No 4 East Inscription: Hier ruhet Godlieb Foerch, gest. d. 23 Agust 1857, in seinem 85ten Lebensyahr,[verse]

Merry Christmas

PalmsRV said...

A very tardy thank you, William...