19 May 2012

Eggleston Probate File From Roscommon Co., MI

A few years ago I abstracted information from the Roscommon County records, including the probate file for Charles B. Eggleston, whose obituary was noted in The Economist:.

A Probate Abstract From Roscommon County, Michigan:

Page 153 - EGGLESTON, Charles B., Estate of; died 18 May 1919.  
Heirs: Mary Ellen Eggleston, widow, Drexel Arms Hotel, Chicago, IL (temp address Pasadena, CA); Ella Randall Malone, cousin, Dayton, OH; Beriah Randall, cousin, New Plymouth, OH; Blanche Stolworthy, cousin, Norwood, Cincinnati, OH; Susie E. Smith, cousin, Norwood, Cincinnati, OH; Amy E. Fin(n)?, cousin, Cleveland, OH; Eva Eggleston Smith, cousin, Rockford, IL; Mary Eggleston Wilcox, cousin, Rockford, IL; Mary Williams McCune, cousin, Sugar Creek, OH; Asabel O'Neil, cousin, New Plymouth, OH; Benjamin O'Neil, cousin, New London or New Plymouth, OH; Eva Sackett, cousin, New London, OH
Page 154 - EGGLESTON Cousins (Continued from Page 153): Cousins of Charles B. Eggleston:Hattie Cann, Oberlin, OH; Viola Edwards, Oberlin, OH; Darius Edwards, Delaware, OH; Lafayette Eggleston, Jr., New Plymouth, OH; Lavinia O'Neal, New Plymouth, OH; Esther E. Bay, New Plymouth, OH; Woman McLaughlin, Kansas City, MO; Elizabeth M. Roades, Kansas City, MO; Capt. McConaha, Kansas City, MO; Major McConaha, Kansas City, MO; Rachel Cowden, Decatur, IL; William McClintoch(k), Decatur, IL; Jay Teachout, Grand Rapids or Big Rapids, MI; Winifred Teachout, Grand Rapids or Big Rapids, MI; William Teachout, East Toledo, OH; Fred Teachout, Rockford, IL; Clara T. Price, Rockford, IL; Hattie Weeks, Tulllahoma, TN; George Lewis, 308 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL.

Ohio Deaths and Burials, 1854-1997
name: Charles B. Eggleston
burial date: 26 May 1919
death date: 18 May 1919
death place: Pasadena, Ca.
birth date: 23 Aug 1849
birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio
father's name: Darius
mother's name: Lydia

United States Census, 1910
name: Charles B Eggleston
Charles B Eggleston M 60y
spouse Mary E Eggleston F 50y
Kittie L Flynn F 25y
Ellen M Bodine F 26y

In 1860 Charles B. Eggleston, age 10, born in Ohio, was enumerated in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., with his parents, Darrell (Darius), a commission merchant, age 38, who was born in New York, and Lydia, age 33.  The family was still living in Cincinnati in 1870.  Charles married Margaret Wade in 1871.  In 1880 and 1900 Charles and Margaret were living in Chicago.

Darius Eggleston (1821-1877), Charles's father, belongs to this family.  Check the family tree for corresponding names in the probate file.
159. Benjamin EGGLESTON (1787-1856).  He married Esther ARCHER in 1808 at Saratoga County, NY. She died in 1860.  282. iii. Darius EGGLESTON.

At the time of Charles B. Eggleston's death, his widow was Mary Ellen (nee Farmer), whom he married in 1907.  She was living with her mother, Mary (Marion nee Kent), and sister Marion Winifred, in Chicago in 1900.  In 1870 the family included her father, Jefferson Farmer (here).

United States Census, 1920 
name: Mary E Eggleston
residence: Pasadena, Los Angeles, California
birthplace: Vermont
marital status: Widowed
 Mary E Eggleston  F 60y
[Marion] Winiferd Farmer F  61y [single sister]

Mary Ellen Eggleston died in Ogemaw County, Michigan in 1940.

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