30 May 2012

Edmund Hobart - A Possible Ancestor

Biographical information about Edmund Hobart found in Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts ...  Hobart is my ancestor IF his daughter, Rebecca, was Edward Bangs' wife.  Apparently the jury is still out on that one.... .
(I) Edmund Hobart, from Hingham, in the County of Essex, England, and born that parish about 1570, came to this country, arriving in 1633 at Charlestown, and with his son, Thomas, and several others, came to "Bare Cove" the same year probably for the purpose of assisting in establishing a new plantation... .
He was an early settler of Hingham, one of those who drew their home lots on Town (North street) Sept 18, 1635.  He married first, Margaret Dewey, who was the mother of his children, and second, Oct 10, 1634, Mrs. Sarah Lyford, widow of Rev John.  

Here's my lineage:
Edmund Hobart married Margaret Dewey [Ancestors Only If Rebecca m. Edward Bangs]
Daughter Rebecca Hobart* married Edward Bangs
Daughter Hannah Bangs married John Doane 
daughter Rebecca Doane married Elisha Paine
daughter Rebecca Paine married Edward Cleveland
daughter Joanna Cleveland married 2nd John Backus
son John Backus married Jerusha Baker
son John Backus married 2nd possibly Hannah Fuller
daughter Laura Backus married Thomas P. Richmond
daughter Cynthia Richmond married James More
daughter Addie More married William S. Powers
son Ralph N. Powers married Beatrice Cameron
son Richard N. Powers married (Living)

The Mayflower message list has a discussion of Rebecca Hobart.
A Maine Family's History includes very early English Hobart ancestors of Edmund Hobart.

Rebecca Hobart was in Merryann Palmer's tree  -- I attended a meeting of a genealogy club in Mission, Texas, that she and her husband organized.  Small world!

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