03 April 2012

Probate of Samuel Acklin of Madison Co., AL

Samuel Black Acklin (1767 - 1826) was the son of Christopher & Christian (Black) Acklin; he married Elizabeth Hunt who was the daughter of John Hunt, for whom Huntsville was named.

Madison County, Alabama, Probate Court Records, File #712 (excerpts), Samuel Acklin, deceased:

O.C. Bk 4 p. 68

Nov. 15, 1826

It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Samuel Acklen late of this county has died without will and John R. H. Acklin here applying for letters of administration on his estate, the widow of said deceased having relinquished her right of administration in favor of said John R. H. Acklin. It is ordered by the Court that he give bond and security in the penalty of four thousand dollars Where upon said John R. H. Acklin Together with John M. Bonzer and Daniel Carmichael his securities have entered into bond in the penalty aforesaid conditional as the law directs said securities being by the Court here approved and said John R. H. Acklin having taken the Oath required by law It is ordered by the Court that letters of administration be given to him accordingly. __

Ordered by the Court that Lewis Mays, William Baker, Richard McDaniel, Richard Elliott, and William Brandon or any three of them appraise the perishable property belonging to the estate of Samuel Acklin, dec'd which shall be shewn them by his administrator.

P R Bk 4, p. 60

A list of the perishable property of Samuel Acklin, deceased

One mule $100.00 8
One grey mare 60.00
One sorrel mare 60.00
One sorrel colt 40.00
One grey colt 20.00
12 twelve cows 96.00
18 eighteen young cattle
60 sixty stock hogs 40.00
75 seventy five geese 20.00
2 pair of plow gears 2.00
head of sheep 16.00
One wagon & gear 40.00
20000 pounds of seed cotton 250.00
One stack of rye 15.00
5 barshear plows 20.00
4 shovel plows 8.00
72.00 2 cotton scrapers & 1 coalter 3.00
one cutting knife & box 1.00

P R Book 4, p. 61

8 weeding hoes 6.00
3 maddox & 1 grubbing hoe 7.00
4 pole axes 6.00
one broadaxe 2.00
2 iron wedges 2.00
one lot of kitchen furniture 11.00
one large kettle 2.00
one loom & gear 4.00
3 scythes & 1 cradle 6.00
one well rope & flax wheel 2.00
one set of tables 30.00
one bureau 25.00
one lot of glassware 5.00
one looking glass 1.50
one cupboard & furniture 25.00
3 pair and irons 6.00
6 split bottom chairs 1.00

2 beds bedsteads & furniture $30.00
one cotton wheel 2.00
one vase 1.00
3 pair of cotton cards 1.50
3 pails, 1 churn 1 tub 3.50
one plain table 2.00
1 bed bedstead & furniture & 2
trunks one wheat _iddle &
one old chair 8.00
one small table 3.00
saddle bags 3.00
one bed, bedstead & furniture 35.00
one do do do 20.00
one shot gun 3.00
3 large dishes 3.00
one pair of stillirons 1.00
3 bee guns? 6.00

We the undersigned have met agreeable to an order of county of Madison County and appraised the property of Samuel Acklen deceased as shown us by John R. H. Acklen administrator of said decedent -- Given under our hands this 9th of December 1826.

Arch'd McDonnell
William Baker
Lewis Mayes
Rich'd Elliot

Sworn to and subscribed before me the 9th of December 1826
Wm? Brandon, J. P.

The foregoing appraisement was delivered into this office to be recorded on the 12th of December 1826 and is duly recorded this 3rd day of April 1827.

Tho. Brandon, Clerk

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