26 March 2012

Minor Heirs of George W. Johnson

Saline County, Illinois, Court Term of September 1918:

State of Illinois
County of Saline

In the county court of said County, September Term 1918

In the matter of the petition of Logan Johnson to probate the last will and testament of James Johnson.

And now at this time comes Fred Johnson and Frank Johnson, minor heirs of George W. Johnson, by Robert E. Choisser, guardian Ad-litem and for answer to the said petition says that they are not advised of the matters and things in said petition contained, and neither admits or deny that the instrument porporting to be the last will and testament of James Johnson is genuine, and respectfully demands that the said petitioner be required to prove same.

[Signed by the guardian Ad-litem]

Note: James Johnson was my great-great-grandfather.

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