23 March 2012

Early Massachusetts Settler Thomas Paine

The Paynes of Hamilton: a genealogical and biographical record  included information about Thomas Paine and Mary Snow (Mayflower descendant), who were also my ancestors.

Credible...accounts...that he [Thomas Paine] came over from England with his father who bore the same name when a lad of about ten years of age having lost the sight of one of his eyes by an arrow married Mary Snow and settled in Eastham Mass.  As to the date of...arrival and the name of the place whence they came traditional accounts differ.

...he (Thomas Paine) and Experience Mitchell, Henry Sampson, and Thomas Little were given leave to buy land from the Indians at Namskaket, now Middleborough, Massachusetts.  ...purchased a tract of land for ten pounds sterling from Tuscaquin the Black Sachem and his son William. This land adjoins the tract which belonged to John Alden at the famous Assowamsett Pond.

Paine family records: a journal of genealogical and biographical ..., Volume 2,  edited by Henry D. Paine, contained duplicate information.

A copy of Thomas Paine's will:

A copy of the inventory of the estate of Thomas Paine can be found on Page 17 of the Paine Family Records.

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