19 February 2012

Was There Another deJarnat Connection?

From the Kentucky Ancestors periodical:

The deJarnat name has surfaced in my prior genealogical research.  Did this article hold a clue to my Ransom S. Rice's parents?  (Sadly, no).

 Edward McGehee married Elizabeth deJarnat.  Their son was Micajah McGehee.  Micajah's son, Thomas Baytop McGehee, married Elizabeth Thornton Gilmer and is connected to my family tree through the Acklin family (but not directly connected to Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds, or her daughter, Ann (Hinds) Rice.  Elizabeth's brother, William Acklin, married Mildred M. McGehee, daughter of Thoma Baytop McGehee.  Mildred McGehee's brother, Charles, married Sarah V. Acklin (niece of my Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds).

In the 2nd generation of deJarnat's there was a marriage between Marymiah deJarnat and John Hinds (is there a connection to my William Hinds (husband of my Elizabeth Acklin Hinds?  I do not know.).

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