22 February 2012

Old Gravestone In French - St. Mary's, Georgia

The grave of Joseph Desclaux in Oak Grove Cemetery, Saint Mary's, Camden County, Georgia:

The Desclaux family were displaced Acadians forced from their home. Mrs. Margaret Desclaux was the only one actually born in Acadia; her husband, Joseph, was born in France.

Camden Co., Georgia:
JOSEPH DESCLOUX 9/27/1825:5/9/1826
Four ch: Adel Barat, Angelique Descloux, Emelia Descloux, John Adolph Descloux. Dau: Adelle Barat, wife of Barnard Barat. To: Peter Carmea and wife, Mary. Wife: Margaret. Ch of Adell Barat: Adel, Angelique Emila, John Adolph Descloux Barat.

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