09 December 2011

Supplying The Fort On St. Marys River

Before 1763 the St. Mary's river was the boundary between British Georgia and Spanish Florida; from 1763 through 1783 it separated British Georgia and British Florida; the river was the boundary between the State of Georgia and Spanish East Florida from 1783 to 1821.

From Papers of the War Department, an excerpt of a 1795 letter regarding sending supplies to the fort on the St. Mary's River:

November 26, 1795Author Name:  Timothy Pickering (primary) Recipient Name: William Eaton (primary)Enclosed return for ordnance and military stores to be transported to fort on St. Mary's River.Source: Collection: State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Gratz Collection of Autographs

Was this present-day St. Mary's, Georgia, waterfront near the 1795 supply depot?

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