03 December 2011

Heirs of John Bachman, Oakland County, Michigan

From:  Abstracts of Probate - Oakland Co., Michigan (F572 .O2 547)

File# 693
Bachman, Sarah, Mary, Jacob
Guardian File 19 Dec 1848
Heirs of John Bachman
Guardian: Jane Bachman (mother), Sebring Voorheis and Robert Garner
26 May 1855 - Signed: Jacob Bachman, Mary Smith, James Smith, Sarah Fenwick, William Fenwick

File # 694
Bachman, Ann Eliza, Susan, Harriet F., Robert, William H., and Edmund
Filed 19 Dec 1848
All under 14 years

File #1190
Bachman, John.  Intestate, filed 4 December 1854; died 6 years ago last October.  Heirs: Jane Bachman, widow; Sarah C. Fenwick, wife of William E.; Mary Eliza Smith, wife of James; James Bachmann, Ann Eliza Bachmann (later wife of Victor Howland), Susan, Harriet F., Robert, William Henry, and Edmund Bachmann, all being children of the deceased.  Correction "Mary Eliza" should be Mary Elizabeth.  Admin.: Jane Bachmann. Sebring Voorheis, and Robert Garner guardians of Jacob; mother guardian of 6 younger ones.  Property in White Lake Twp., See Files 2009, 2276, 2311.

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