23 December 2011

Another Descendant of Stephen Hopkins

share the first 4 generations of the Stephen Hopkins' Mayflower lineage with Leah Adams (of the 6th generation). The related Snow and Paine families are also featured on the linked web page.

My lineage (from my blog):

Catherine Powers, daughter of:
J. Garrett & Richard N. Powers, son of:
Beatrice Cameron & Ralph N. Powers, son of:
William S. Powers & Addie More, daughter of:
James More & Cynthia Richmond, daughter of:
Thomas Richmond & Laura Backus, daughter of:
Hannah Fuller (Probable) & John Backus, son of:
Jerusha Baker & John Backus, son of:
John Backus & Joanna Cleveland; daughter of:
Edward Cleveland & Rebecca Paine, daughter of:
Rebecca Doane & Elisha Paine, son of:
Thomas Paine & Mary Snow, daughter of:
Nicholas Snow & Constance Hopkins, daughter of:
Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger

Some of my other Mayflower-related posts.  A search for a Thanksgiving-related post led me to the Leah Adams website and with so much information, it was a keeper.

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