19 November 2011

The John Kennelly Estate In Michigan

The JOHN KENNELLY estate was listed in a record book housed at the Archives of Michigan, St. Clair County, Record of Proceedings 1835-1838:

(Page 38)  Records of the Estate of John Kennelly, deceased
July 25, 1836
Twp of Desmond, St. Clair County, [Territory of] Michigan

Maria Kennelly, widow of the late John Kennelly, applied for Letters of Administration; James Geel and Jonathan Burtch as her sureties
Twp. of Clay, St. Clair Co.
Inventory - Logs at Hatch Creek, etc.

(Page 44) List of Claims Against Estate of John Kennely:

Richard Clark $8.50
Edward Carlton
Reuben Hamilton
J. [Z?] V. Thornton
Willard Orvis
John Howard
John S. Heath
B. F. H. Witherell
Timothy Crocker
Daniel Stewart
D. B. Herrington
Ric Granfield
Willard S. Carpenter
Black River Steam Mill Co.
Moses Herrick
John Clark  $23.50
John Clark  $104.50

(Page 45)....Village of Port Huron.....

(Page 90) Records of the Estate of John Kennelly......

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